The District Assemblies’ Performance Assessment tool (DPAT) is a diagnostic instrument for assessing the performance of MMDAs and for determining the allocation of the DACF Responsiveness Factor Grant (RFG) to MMDAs. In view of this, the South Tongu District Assembly held its session of the DPAT VII exercise from Monday, 25th and Tuesday, 26th September, 2023.

The entry conference was basically to give an overview of the process to assess the District Assembly’s performance for the year 2022. The consultants for the DPAT VII assessment were from Excel Links Consult Limited (ELCL). The District Coordinating Director (DCD) Mr. Setsoafia Kpenu moderated the meetings and District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Seth Kwasi Agbi gave an opening remark. The Presiding Member (PM) Hon. Victoria Dzeklo also gave a short speech and the consultants from Excel Links Consult Limited were also introduced after which the leader gave an overview of the process. They held entry meeting with management and key staff on day one and exit meeting on day two. The assessment was based on three (3) indicators which were compliance indicators, performance indicators and service delivery indicators. The compliance indicators were to assess how the District Assembly have been able to adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements set in the laws and regulations. The performance indicators were to assess the efficiency in delivering public services and meeting the needs of the community and also the service delivery indicators were to assess the timelines and effectiveness of providing essential public services to the community.

The exit meeting was also held to announce the results for the assessment based on the indicators stated above. It was moderated by the District Planning Officer Mr. Gershon Tudoabor. The DCE Hon. Seth Kwasi Agbi was present for the announcement of the results together with the District Coordinating Director Mr. Setsoafia Kpenu and general staff. Members of the Excel Links Consult Limited and the Presiding Member Hon. Victoria Dzeklo were also present. The DCE Hon. Seth Kwasi Agbi declared the results to the assembly, before he declared the results he thanked all staff for their outstanding performance and wished for improvement in the next DPAT assessment during the exit conference meeting. He also expressed his gratitude the three-member team from the Excel Links Consult Ltd for work done and wished them a safe journey to their next destination.

All other departments made their full marks in exception of the Business Advisory Center and the Physical Planning department losing two (2) and one (1) mark respectively. It was declared that the assembly had a total score of 97%. The result was accepted by the assembly and an open forum was given for staff to give comments and suggestions to bring the two-day assessment to a close. The Head of the Excel Links Consult Ltd thanked the District Assembly for its cooperation and warm reception.