The second Ordinary meeting of the fourth session of the eighth Assembly of the South Tongu District Assembly was held on 31st October 2023.In attends was Hon Victoria Dzeklo (Presiding Member), Hon.Wisdom Kobena Woyome Member of Parliament for South Tongu Constituency, Hon Seth Kwasi Agbi (D.C.E) of South Tongu District Assembly, Mr. Setsoafia Kpenu (D.C.D) of South Tongu District Assmebly, Departmental and unit Heads. The meeting started at 11:05am with a prayer by Hon. Stephen Aho. The Presiding Member Hon Victoria Dzeklo welcomed members to the meeting.  She mentioned that since the last meeting of the Assembly she was able to visit five (5) traditional councils in the district to consult the chiefs and seek their views on the infilling land issue in the district.  She informed kjgtb gflkjpresiding member of the house would be laid to rest on 11th November 2023 at Dzogborve Agave.

The Assistant Internal Auditor Madam Shirley Quarshie presented the 2022 Auditor General’s Report to the general house. She mentioned that the Assembly was sited with four infractions.


The District Budget Analyst (DBA), Mr. Ebenezer Afriyie-Boadi presented the 2023 revised budget to members, he mentioned the revised budget was based on the Mid-year Budget Performance Report for the period January to June 2023, to address challenges and opportunities. The changes align with the PFM Act and aims to optimize resources for departmental needs and the needs of the district, the adjustments considered revenue performance, expenditure patterns, and emerging priorities, with detailed revisions to projections, and capital projects.

The District Budget Analyst (DBA) presented the 2023 draft composite programme-based budget to the general house. He mentioned that this year budget preparation was more participatory, and it was prepared base on 2023 budget guideline and action plan from the Ministry of Finance. The DBA mentioned that over the years the composite budget preparations have seen some reforms, he told the general house that the composite budget preparation started with line budget approach and subsequently change to activities-based budget and for this year the approach used to prepare the composite budget was programme-based. He explained to the honorable members that the programme-based budget approach shows the costs of the program or the activities to undertake.

In the pursuit of the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) growth and improved community services, the South Tongu District Assembly has prepared this Improved Action Plan for the 2024 fiscal year. The Action Plan aims to enhance financial self-sufficiency, ensure sustainable funding for administrative functions and critical public services with the South Tongu District.

The following arrears were covered in the preparation of the Revenue Improved Action Plan.

  • Assessment and Analysis of current revenue
  • Stakeholders’ engagement
  • Review and Update of Fee Fixing
  • Enhanced Collection Mechanisms
  • Management of Revenue Generating Assets
  • Monitoring and Evaluation and
  • Feedback Mechanisms

This presents a holistic and proactive approach to improved revenue mobilization in the assembly and the success of this action plan hinges on collaborative efforts, transparency, and adaptability.

The Presiding Member thanked all honorable members, all heads of department and unit and staff for their support in the development of the Assembly.