South Tongu District inaugurates Development Planning Steering Committee.

The South Tongu District, on 4th March, 2022 inaugurated the District Development Planning Steering Committee to oversee the preparation of a five-year strategic development plan to improve standard of living in the district. The Planning committee comprised of Twenty-five (25) traditional leaders from the five (5) traditional areas of the District and a Seventeen-member (17) Advisory committee.

Hon. Seth Kwasi Agbi, District Chief Executive (DCE) expressed his joy of being part of this historic programme of bringing together all development stakeholders and partners to pursue a progressive development agenda that aims at improving the socio-economic conditions of the economically deprived, the vulnerable and the unemployed youth.

He indicated that the development agenda is not in any way to antagonize the official government plan (2022-2025 DMTDP) but rather a concept to reckon development as a shared responsibility where citizens contribute their quota to complement government efforts.

He concluded by thanking all members present and urged the committee to work as a team to achieve the goal of the committee.