Flood Crisis in South Tongu District Prompts Urgent Water Safety Education.

In a dire response to the ongoing flooding crisis caused by the spillage of the Akosombo and Kporm Dams, the South Tongu District is rallying to educate its communities on essential water safety measures. The flooding has reached critical levels, submerging buildings up to window height, including crucial sanitation facilities and even mortuaries.

On the 17 of October,2023 the South Tongu Environmental Health Unit, acutely aware of the looming threat of feco-oral diseases and waterborne illnesses, has taken swift action. Routine inspections have revealed that many are still reliant on polluted waters for both domestic and commercial purposes.

In a bid to mitigate the potential health hazards, the Environmental Health Unit has embarked on an educational campaign to enlighten the affected communities on the severe pollution of the water and how it can be effectively treated for safe consumption.

Key methods explained to the community include the use of Potassium aluminum sulfate (potash alum), boiling, and the addition of aquatabs to water sources. These measures aim to provide accessible means for residents to make the contaminated water safe for use.

Additionally, the community was reminded of the increased presence of reptiles as they seek refuge from the floodwaters. Precautions have been emphasized to ensure the safety of residents in these trying times.

The South Tongu Environmental Health Unit is committed to maintaining this educational effort as the district grapples with the ongoing disaster. Their dedication reflects the importance of preserving public health amidst this flooding crisis.

As the South Tongu District faces this unprecedented challenge, the communities are uniting in their determination to overcome the adversity and safeguard their well-being.